Electrical Panel

PCC Panel

Power Control Centers offered up to 4000 A rating suitable for operation voltage of 415 V in 3 phase 4 wire distribution system with an insulation voltage up to 660 V at an ambient temperature of 45 °C

APFC Panel

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel is designed to maintain the power factor of the plant close to unity. Auto as well as manual mode is provided for power factor control

L&T MCC Panel, Siemens MCC Panel

MCC Panel

Motor Control Centers are suitable for operation of motors ranging from 0.5 HP to 500 HP ratings. MCC contains various types of starting viz. Direct on Line (DOL), Star-Delta, autotransformer, VFD, Soft starter etc. Local and remote operation facility, iMCC compatible with PLC/DCS based operation

Bus duct

Dynamic Bus Duct provides flexible power distribution Solution for a variety of application where change and adaption are important

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